Alfajiri is here to help you envision the unforeseen. Every entrepreneur and every business is unique. We are the solution to your problem. At Alfajiri we connect thoughts to reality with our optimistic visionary approaches. 

Alfajiri was founded with the purpose to uplift the informal economy in Africa. Most of Africa’s economy is driven by informal business. With the world striving for first-world standards, this makes it impossible for the informal businesses to see opportunities at an early stage. Investors have expectations that these businesses cannot meet. This is forcing investors to compete on the same predictable business verticals and the valuations of these companies are becoming overly inflated.  

Due to this very problem, we have observed a pattern where there is so much capital available at a high level but banked in cash because, in the eyes of investors, there is not enough economic activity to invest in. However, in the informal economy, not much has changed. There is a lot of activity and the opportunities are as follows:

  • There are no monopolies
  • A low and realistic valuation
  • Little to no competition
  • High probability for finding real problem-solving innovation
  • Low entry barriers
  • More equity for less capital and work

Our model is not to turn a small business into a billion-dollar business. Our goal is to maximize their potential and gain as much market share as they can get. One of the most profitable businesses in the informal economy is short term loans. Many African entrepreneurs have to frequently borrow money to execute certain tasks and they are hit with very high-interest rates once they start paying back

Loans help entrepreneurs but in a very short timeline and miss the bigger picture. The risk with loans is that they do not necessarily help the business to grow and become investable. Alfajiri will solve these problems for entrepreneurs; we are not only helping them with money, but mentorship and expertise to take their business to the next level. We’ll grow and maximize profit for our businesses by:

  • Funding entrepreneurs
  • Mentoring our entrepreneurs
  • Outsourcing talent for our portfolio companies
  • Finding opportunities or our entrepreneurs
  • Formalizing informal businesses
  • Turning water into wine

Alfajiri Hub

Alfajiri hub’s mission is to “create a productive Africa” through education. We believe that Africa’s problems will be solved by its productive and competent citizens, we want to create a space for people of this kind of drive and vision to thrive and build a better world. To list a few of our goals:

  • Support entrepreneurs
  • Produce a competent population
  • Encourage work culture and pride(Through art, business, and entertainment)
  • Encourage a tech-driven culture for work, business, and lifestyle
  • Connect African entrepreneurs from different regions at a business level
  • Bridge art and technology
  • Encourage self resourcefulness

We hope to achieve all this by:

  • Hosting reskilling programs
  • Hosting hands-on workshops
  • Hosting talks
  • Hosting sales pitches
  • Hosting art exhibitions

The Hub will be utilized by not only our portfolio companies but other organizations that care about constantly improving their staff. 

We believe that; if as a society we produce a competent generation of people, regardless of where they live or work, it’s a win for the entire economy.  It’s common knowledge now that formal education alone is just not enough. There are so many graduates in Africa but are unemployable because of a lack of modern skills. Sometimes, what it takes for these graduates to make a switch and make them productive participants of the economy is by just showing them a few things. Alfajiri Hub is a place where real mindset transformation happens. 

Each hub will be unique, meant to address the issues faced by communities of that region(i.e Alfajiri Joburg will not be the same as Alfajiri Harare). The mission is the same though.