Reskilling is the new Africa Rising

Africa cannot compete with the rest of the world unless the skills deficit problem is tackled head-on and that is our mission.

How to build a new Africa?

We see what they don’t see. We believe that building a highly competent society is the answer to Africa’s problems. We are visionary, optimistic but not delusional with our expectations. We are the bridge between thinking and reality.

Closing the digital skills gap

Elevating the informal sector entrepreneurs

Corporate responsibility the right way

“It takes a village to raise a child” – African Proverb”

A competent Africa

We believe in fostering a competent and productive society to address.


Investing in the informal economy

We look for smart and highly driven entrepreneurs in the informal economy to invest in.

Alfajiri hub

Building a competent Africa

Africa’s problems will be solved by productive and competent citizens, Alfajiri Hub is a space for learning and reskilling, exchanging ideas and collaboration.


We can change the world

A community of experts, thought leaders and influential individuals committed to building a new Africa by providing mentorship, training, funding to the Alfajiri community.