Africa Blockchain Development Initiative

Blockchain developers are responsible for developing and optimizing blockchain protocols, creating the architecture of blockchain systems, and developing smart contracts and web apps using blockchain technology.

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“Blockchain-related jobs this year increased by 500% percent as compared to last year.” – Hired

“The number one most in-demand job right now.” – LinkedIn

“Remote crypto jobs up 42.86%” Kraken

Become a Core Blockchain Developer

A core blockchain developer is involved in the design, architecture, and security of a blockchain system. Role involves:

• Design of blockchain protocols

• Design of consensus protocols and security patterns for the network

• Design of the network architecture

• Supervision of the entire network

Become a Blockchain Software Developer

Blockchain software developers build decentralized applications or Dapps using blockchain technology. Role include:

• Development of Smart Contracts

• Development of interactive front-end designs for Dapps

• Backend development

• Supervision of the entire stack running their Dapps


• Become a core blockchain developer or blockchain software developer

• Upskill and stand-out in today’s competitive job market

• Create income opportunities developing blockchain applications

• Learn blockchain and distributed ledger technology at a practical level

• Learn how smart contracts work on a practical level

• Learn the core development functions of top blockchain protocols

• Understand how Web3 works

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Improve your Blockchain Developer Technical Skills


• Blockchain Architecture

• Data Structures

• Cryptography

• Smart Contract Development

• Web development

Learn Blockchain Fundamentals

• Blockchain Concepts

• Blockchain Cryptography

• Popular Crypto Libraries

• Decentralization and Consensus Algorithms

• Mining and Mining Pools

Understand Blockchain Wallets and Transactions

• Cryptocurrencies Fundamentals

• Cryptocurrency Wallets

• Wallets, APIs, and Libraries

• Blockchain Transactions

• Cryptocurrencies Fundamentals

• Scaling Blockchain Networks

• Anonymous Transactions

• Blockchain Security

Learn to Create Smart Contracts on Solidity

• Overview

• Smart Contracts, Crypto, Tokens & dApps

• Smart Contracts and Solidity Basics

• Smart Contracts and Solidity Advanced

• Smart Contract Security

Design Decentralised Applications (dApps)

• App Architecture

• Web3 API

• Frameworks & Tools

• Building dApps

• Decentralized Storage